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Dedicated Artist and Graphic Designer

Energetic personality, positive attitude and great leadership skills; meets deadlines with high quality work and attention to detail.

Skills and Services:
• Illustration, Murals, Canvas, Portraiture, Caricature, Logos, Business Cards, Stationary, Web Design, Digital Coloring, Image Reworking, Sculpture, Tattoo, Auto Vinyl Design etc; The sky is the limit.

Mastered Media:
• Charcoal, Graphite, Ink, Oil, Acrylic, Aerosol, Airbrush, Clay, Wax, Stone, Computer (Mac and PC), Tattoo Machine & more.

Program Proficiency:
• Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point etc);
• Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, In Design, Flash, etc);
• Zbrush, Maya, Mudbox, Corel, SketchBook Pro, D'fusion (3D modeling and Augmented Reality);
• I have also worked with various programs needed to operate specific large scale printers and cut tables.

'Education', 'Employment', 'Experience' and 'Military Mention' sections follow.

References are available upon request.



Madison Media Institute, WI
Associates of Game Art and Animation
2011 - 2012
Presidents List (4.0 GPA, 3 Semesters)

Herzing University, Madison, WI
Associates of Science in Graphic Design
2009 - 2011
Graduated with Honors (3.85 Accumulative GPA),
Presidents List (4 Semesters), Deans List (3.5+ GPA, 4 Semesters)

Art Institute of San Diego, CA
Associates of Science in Graphic Design
2008 - 2009
Transfer Credits Achieved

Madison Area Technical College, WI
Associates of Science in Graphic Design
2007 - 2008
Transfer Credits Achieved

Academy of Health and Science, TX
Surgical Technologist, U.S. Army
June 2007
Distinguished Honor Graduate 2 OF 2 Phases (96% Test Score Average),
Voted Class Spirit

Armor School, Ft. Knox, KY
M1A1 Armor Crewman, U.S. Army
April 2002
Graduated with Honors,
Excellence in Armor; 2 Extra Promotions During Training


Vice President/Co-Founder:
Herzing University Veteran's Organization; I also Co-wrote the Bylaws and designed the HU Veteran's Organization logo (Madison Campus).

Excellence in Armor:
During my one stop unit training in Fort Knox, KY, I achieved the highest standard of 19k M.O.S. training available; to which i graduated with honors among my peers. In conjunction to my first time completion of EVERY task during training, I also underwent additional training among a select few who studied in depth information of weaponry, bullet trajectory, military history and customs, field manuals (complete standards and strategy) and M1A1 Abrams Tank specifications; further studies than that of standard requirements necessary to graduate. I received the highest achievements for weapon function and qualifications, physical fitness, and overall military readiness throughout my armor training.



Artist | Freelance | 1995-Present
• See 'Experience' Section for my freelance details

Graphic Designer | Imagination Trends | June 2011 - July 2012
• Design work on products for names like Disney, MLB and Fathead
• Technical drawings for Product Patents, Product Stands, Package Prototype and Cut File Prep
• Interactive Children's Posters and Wall Art, Skateboard Grip Tape, Ground Graphics
• Huge 3D Sidewalk Graphics, Outfield Sports Banners, Stationary and various Print Products
• Created Augmented Reality Projects from the ground up, to include Digital 3D Modelling
• Mentored 14 year old Video Editor/Augmented Reality Developer

Tattoo Artist | Paulette's, Tranquil | March 2008 - November 2009
• Design and provide Custom Tattoos, Designed Flash Art
• Schedule Appointments, Handle Financial Transactions, Balance Accounts
• Clean, Maintain and Order Supplies

Surgical Technologist | U.S. Army Reserves | February 2006 - January 2009
• Assisted in over 60 surgical operations, requiring in depth instrument and procedure knowledge
• Preparation and after care of both, patient and operating room
• Clean, Sterilize, Package, Organize and Ordering of Medical Supplies
• Many other duties and various hospital tasks performed
• Honorable Discharge (see "Military Mention" for a full list of awards and a brief term description)

Printer Assistant | Webcrafters | November 2004 - January 2007
• Match exact ink colors and adjust accuracy of print, Maintain print press, Reload print rolls and ink
• Organize prints, Overview pallet stacks, Computer order, Train incoming employees
• Work with print press chemicals, Clean work station and various other print related duties

Armor Crewman | U.S. Army Active Duty | August 2001 - October 2004
• Design Map overlays and battlefield strategy, 2 overseas and 2 stateside deployments
• Lead Unit of Invasion of Iraq in 2003 (3ID 3BDE C-2/69)
• Operating Heavy Machinery, Training and Supervising troops
• Maintain and function M1A1 Abrams battle tank, equipment and all weapon systems
• Many other duties and various combat related tasks performed
• Honorable Discharge (see "Military Mention" for a full list of awards and a brief term description)



Commissioned Murals:
• Chosen Few MMA Gym: Interior Mural, Many Walls (2014, 2015, 2018),
• University of Wisconsin, Sigma Chi Frat House 6'x100' Exterior Mural (2018),
• Mad Ink and Glass Studio, Interior Murals, 2 locations (2018),
• AFGM Recording Studio, 2 walls (2018),
• Caffé Depot: Drive up Italian Coffee shop and Bakery Mural, 2 Walls (2016),
• Metro Flex Gym: 8'x88' interior Mural (2016),
• Atwood Barbershop: Interior Mural (2016),
• Harry Potter Festival: Plywood Hogwarts Castle build, Edgerton, Wisconsin (2016),
• Epic (Epic Systems): Multiple Tokyo and London Themed Hallway Murals (2015),
• Supreme Hits Boxing Team: 3 Interior Wall Murals (2014, 2015),
• Alchemy Bar and Grill Signage and Mural work: Exterior Wall and Sign (2009, 2013),
• Lussier Teen Center: Backdrop for teen play (1995), Game Room (2001),
• Productions w/ several other artists on varying projects for over 20 years

Digital Design:
• Supreme Hits Boxing Team: Flyers, Posters, Event Ticket and Web Design (2016 - Present),
• Squeaky Clean Window Washing LLC: Logo, Business Cards, Flyers, Invoice, Quote Sheet, and Automobile Wrap Design (2015 - Present),
• Falbo Bros Pizzeria: Overhead Menu Boards (2017),
• Drew's Audio & Video LLC: Logo, invoice (2017),
• Eclipse LLC, Auto Tinting: Flyer, Vinyl Decal Design and Cut File Preparation (2016),
• Light Haus: Logo Refresh/ Design (2016),
• Cory Park-9 Delegates: CD Cover and Album Artwork (2016),
• Yvad Reggae: Logo, CD Cover and Album Artwork (2015, 2016),
• The Faith Hills Have Eyes: CD Cover Design (2014),
• HU Veterans organization: Logo (H.U.M.V.E.E. 2011),v • Elsing's Construction LLC: Logo, Business Card, Letter Head and Annual Report (2011),
• Angelo's Automotive: Logo, Business Card (2009)

Live Event Appearance & Other Artwork:
• Recreational Rhythms: Live Event Painting and T-shirt Designs (2010 – Present),
• Mother Fool's Coffee Shop Murals (2004 - Present),
• The Overture Center for the Arts: Live Painting for the Frostiball Event (2017),
• The Isthmus: Beer & Cheese Event at the Alliant Energy Center (2017),
• Instructed Art Lessons at Blackhawk, Shabazz and D. C. T. Schools (2005)(2006)(2017),
• Bonnaroo Music Festival: Fence Mural (2014),
• Party in the Park: Outside Wall Mural (2008, 2009 and 2010),
• Walmart: Annual Picnic Face Painting (2010, 2011 and 2012), Rain Barrel Artwork (2013),
• Art and Craft Booth: Setup/Tear Down and Management of Art Exhibits (2010, 2011 and 2012),
• Guesswork Hosted: Art Shows and Auction for Charitable Contribution (2010, 2011),
• Military Vehicle Painting: Custom M1A1 Abrams Gun Tube Art and Custom Hatch Painting (2003),
• Private Commissioned: Portraiture, Sketches, Canvases, Custom Item, Clothing & Shoe Painting, Bedroom & Garage Murals, Mini Appliance & Furniture Artwork, and Vehicles (1995 - Present),
• As well as other artwork viewings in or on Madison area: Coffee Shops, Galleries, Art Shows, Auctions, Art Magazines and Newspaper mention and other outdoor event painting.


Military Enlistment

1st Military Term:
M1A1 Armor Crewman @ U.S. Army
October 2001 - October 2004 (3 Years 1 Month)
Ft. Knox, KY; Ft. Benning, GA

I have received several coins for merit, from platoon to brigade level and beyond; in addition to the many following awards: Honor Graduate, Excellence in Armor Completion, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, US Army- Air Force Presidential Unit Citation, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, South West Asia Service Medal, Global war on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Army Lapel Button, Good Conduct Medal and an award for completing a 'Spur Ride' (which Is an award that my company was able to cross test for in Kuwait, 2002, but is normally designated for cavalry units). I may also be eligible for a 'Driver's Badge' for the numerous miles I've driven an Abrams tank, and potentially other merits that were not present before my discharge; I am currently working on sorting everything out.

I joined the army just after the infamous September 11th incident took place in 2001, and I hung on for the ride.

During my first military term, I served 2 overseas deployments, and 2 stateside. One overseas deployment was to Kuwait, and the other was to Iraq. One of the stateside deployments was in the Mohave Desert of California, and the other one was to the swamps of Louisiana for simulated combat situations; all in preparation to be the most elite tank outfit in the U.S. military.

My unit was the first across the border, and we led the initial invasion into Iraq when Bush declared war in 2003 (3ID 3BDE C-2/69). We assaulted on M1A1 Abrams tanks from Kuwait, and through the heart of Baghdad as the tip of the spear to establish the initial foothold.

When I was not on deployments, I was in the field with my unit preparing for combat. Spending little time with family, I separated with the military honorably upon completion of my first contract.

You can verify this by checking out my unit: 3ID, 3BCT, C-2/69 (3rd Infantry Division).


Military Enlistment Continued

2nd Military Term:
Surgical Technologist @ U.S. Army Reserve
November 2005 - January 2009 (3 Years 3 Months)
Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, TX; 911 Forward Surgical Team, WI

I received Distinguished Honor Graduate recognition and an Honorable Diploma for earning the highest grades of my graduating class. I completed the Surgical Technologist course with a 96% test score average. I was voted 'Class Spirit' by my peers, for which was awarded a special coin. I also received awards for completed courses in the following areas: CPR and HIPPA Certifications, Protected Health Information, Ancillary Clinical Scenario, Family Discussion and Privacy Awareness.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to do my training at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. At one of the largest military hospitals in the United States, I had the opportunity to assist in over 60 surgical procedures on military veterans and soldiers alike, as well as on their dependents; areas of focus consisted of (Pediatric, Ob/Gyn, Burn Unit, Orthopedics, and General Surgery etc).

Once back in Madison, I worked with the '911 forward surgical team' on preparation for surgical setup of hostile environments. The 911 FST is trained to set up a 'field' operating room and have it ready for patients within 45 minutes of boots on ground. Back in Wisconsin, my unit had carried out several military tasks, and we also helped project home in repairing a Baraboo home in 2007.

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