Commission Process

To download a PDF version of my commission process for clients click here

This is an outline of my tentative client request and commission process

The 'client to be' shall submit a request for artwork in written form. This allows me to read and go over any requests when I have the appropriate time to take in all of the information; it's also good for me to have a document to refer back to for specifics when I begin designing. Emails containing descriptions and images usually work best for this purpose (click the 'Contact' link at the bottom of this page).

Once all parties agree that I will be the artist to take on the requested project, the 'client to be' will then pay me an upfront design fee to get started on the project. The fee will be dependent on the project needs, but a standard minimum of 50 dollars shall be applied before I will begin design work on any project. At this point, the 'client to be', becomes 'the client', and I begin the process of bringing vision to life.

The client will then give me ALL information relevant to the project. This is where ideas and project visions are shared. We discuss project type, dimensions, deadlines, desired quotes, proper spelling of all text, themes to consider, relevant image examples and color schemes. Projects can also be open, in which case I am able to come up with conceptual sketches when a client is drawing a blank. I will do all of my own research for the targeted outcome, but I will not take on any deadline of less than a week.

Once all of the project information is outlined, I will design a rough sketch and decide which colors will be needed, and a general quote of the projected budget is formed with the client's approval. Any necessary adjustments will then be made, approved and finalized by all parties; a more accurate quote for the project can be made at this time. I will also collect a deposit from the client, in order to purchase all of the necessary supplies for the job; I will keep all receipts and provide copies ONLY if requested.

Once all the supplies needed for the project have been gathered (in most cases this is done within 1-5 business days), a date in which the artwork will be installed or exchanged by will be set. If a mural or an interior aerosol painting is to be done, the room may need to be vented continuously throughout the day as I paint. Most of my aerosol work is done within 5-10 hours (not including design time). Larger walls take longer, and bigger supply orders require longer shipping times. Digital design times vary.

If the client would like to save some money, they may prepare the designated area themselves prior to my appearance. This usually includes priming the desired art surface, and/or taping off any areas that are to be kept free of paint. I always do my best to respect the areas in which I work, but be aware that I will take no responsibility for anyone else's poor masking job or failure to take cleanliness precautions. It is also the client's responsibility to move any furniture or objects that may obstruct the art installation; with that being said, I am willing to work around items that cannot be moved, or are too cumbersome to do so. All art installation is at your own risk, although I will be as careful as humanly possible.

After the artwork has been installed, I will take photos of all work for my portfolio. Any images that are to be put online, will ONLY be uploaded with the clients approval beforehand (for interior murals, we will also let any rooms with artwork air out before allowing any people or pets back into the area).

With several years of experience and a college degree, please do not value my time and talent at anything less than $20/hour. If you want premium art, such as portraiture, expect to pay an appropriate price.

All 'clients to be' may now send commission requests and descriptions, along with any images of the desired project to me at the contact addresses below.

Thank you for your time, and make it a great day.

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