Commission Process

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This is an outline of my tentative client request and commission process

I currently accept Commission Requests for Mural Installations, Digital Design, Sketches and Sculptures!

While I do strive to make every project as simple as it can be, I also like to be as specific as possible. Here's a basic overview of what to expect from the commission process when considering me for your art needs.

Anyone interested in hiring my artistic talent, MUST submit a request for artwork in written form. Having a written request allows me to read over the project parameters carefully and to go over all of the specific client needs adequately. An email usually works best for delivery of written requests, since I will reference that information during the whole design process; my contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

All written requests for artwork should contain a complete description of the work desired, budget, pertinent project details, deadlines, dimensions, themes, colors, images, and/or concept sketches that could be helpful.

Please Note: I will not take on any projects that have a deadline of 'this week'... Unless it pays A LOT!

Upon receiving and reading a written request for commissioned work, I will reach out to the potential client, and we will set up an appointment for a consultation that fits both of our schedules. Consultations are free!

During a consultation, the project is discussed and a total price for the artwork is negotiated. Each project is different, so my prices are usually determined by calculating the labor involved for the project, plus the cost of supplies. If a design or a concept sketch is requested by the client, then a design fee of 50 dollars may be collected before a rough sketch is done; thank you for being understanding and respecting my time.

Once a final design is selected and a total project price is agreed upon, a contract will be drafted and a deposit for the artwork will be collected; the dates and deadlines for the project will also be tentatively set at this point. When the deposit clears, I will gather all the necessary supplies and begin work. I will keep supply receipts and provide copies ONLY if specifically requested by the client prior to purchasing supplies.

The deposit amount needed to begin work will be equal to one half of the total project cost, UPFRONT. The other half of the total project cost is due no later than 2 weeks after completion of the contracted work; or else an additional fee will be imposed (as will be agreed upon in a contract, before any work begins). Other payment arrangements may be possible, but only if agreed upon in writing, BEFORE the start of any project work. All payment plans will be decided up front, and a contract will be in place for both of our protection.

At this point, I begin the process of bringing your vision to life! If an interior painting is to be done, the area may need to be vented throughout the project. It is the client's responsibility to move furniture or objects that may obstruct the art installation. I am willing to work around items that cannot be moved, as long as it doesn't cause risk my personal safety. After the artwork is completed, I will take photos for my portfolio. Images of the art will be uploaded to my website ONLY with the client's approval beforehand. Any interior painting installations must be aired out appropriately before allowing any people or pets back into the area.

My portfolio is backed by experience of a formal art education and skills that have been honed over several years, so please do not devalue my ability. If you desire premium art, expect to pay an appropriate price.

Commission requests may be sent to the email address listed below. Be as descriptive as possible when submitting a request, and include any information, images and/or any rough sketches that you feel will help to get your vision across; and please allow an adequate amount of response time, as I do stay pretty busy.

Thank you for your time, and make it a great day.

Email: YourArtist@ChadCaso.Com, Social Media: Facebook.Com/ChadCasoArtist

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